Subhasree Patnaik


Bhubaneswar:  Classical dance exponents  with their Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Kathakali, Kathak and Bharatnatyam dances  mesmrised the audience of Rabindra Mandap on Sunday evening.

Odisha’s Subhashree Patnaik opened the show with her Kuchipudi presdentation. Subhashree, in her Kuchipudi presentation, portrayed Marakatha Manimaya Chela depicting  the love between Lord Krishna and Radha. Her adept dance on thali, a performance on the rim of the brass plate, stunned the audience. She also exhibited here versatility in dance by presenting Bharatnatyam. In Bharatnatyam, Subhashree portrayed Lord Shiv’s image as the best looking person, casting a spell of charm on the devotees. The “Padam” act saw the danseuse flawlessly portraying sullen Radha’s anger over Lord Krishna for ignoring her long wait to meet her.

She was followed by Manipuri dance by Abhisikta Maitra and Tania Chakrabroty of Kolkata.

Pankaj Kumar Pradhan of Odisha performed Odissi. Manoj Pradhan and Suraj Sahoo also presented Odissi. Kathak dance was presented by Tarit Sarkar of Jamshedpur.

Dr Snehaprabha Samantaray, Guru Durgacharan Ranbir, Dr Sangita Gosaini and Dr Bijay Kumar Jena graced the occasion as guests.