Bhubaneswar: Odisha should keep an eye on their cow population. For, the cow traders on behalf of Tripura government are likely venture into the state for procurement of cow in large number.

The Tripura government is proposing to launch a scheme to gift cows to its farmers. Biplab Deb government is soon going to float tender to procure 10,000 cows.  As many as 5000 farmer families would be provided cows with a view to increase the farmers income, do away with unemployment and crushing malnutrition.

To meet the new demand for cows from Tripura, traders are sure to enter the neighboring states to procure cows. The farmers and veterinary  officials in Odisha need to keep a vigil on the sale-purchase and movements of cows in the state.

The catttle population in Odisha is 1.16 crore.

The density of cattle is very low in North Eastern states. It is 7-8 cattle per square kilometer in Tripura. While it is as high as 21 ti 30 in West Bengal, 13-20 in Bihar and 11-12 in Odisha.