Rourkela: The Spiral Welded Pipe Plant(SWPP) collective of Rourkela Steel Plant(RSP) has developed a new dimension SW Pipes of 14.2 mm thickness in order to expand the plant’s market share and enrich product mix.

The initiative of manufacturing of 14.2 mm thick pipes faced a lot of challenges considering the fact that the plant was originally designed to manufacture pipes of maximum thickness 12.7 mm. Specific measures like strengthening the forming cage of the main machines, re-vamping the pressure rolls, strengthening of the pipe handling conveyors etc were taken up before executing the order.  As a result, for the first time, 14.2 mm thick pipes have been successfully made in the 56” Outer Diameter campaign in March-April 2019 by the PipePlant-Spiral Weld collective.

The department successfully manufactured 3.25 Kilometre pipes weighing 1602 tonnes  and supplied to M/S Simplex Infra, Kolkota. With this, the Pipe plant is expecting many such orders in future which shall increase the profitability of RSP.