Bhubaneswar: AMRI Hospitals, among the region’s top private healthcare service providers, created a platform for cardiology patients to form Eastern India’s first cardiac support group. To be known as the Happy Heart Club, the platform was launched by a group of patients, who have been treated in recent times.

The need to set up the cardiac support group was raised by patients, who have been treated under doctors at AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar of complex cardiac procedures, backed by latest technology and treatment protocols, including MICS (Minimal invasive cardiac surgery), TOF (Tetrology of Fallot surgery), ASD, VSD, PDA, CRTD, Primary Angioplasty, Electrophysiology Study & and nano pacemaker, besides usual prevalent treatment methods like CABG, PTCA.

Basudev Das, Age 41, who underwent a complex cardiac procedure some time back, said that having a cardiac support group like the Happy Heart Club is as much crucial to those who are beneficiaries of complexes treatment processes as it is for those who might fall victim to cardiac complications in the future. “We wanted a platform where we can talk about each other’s problems and share of concerns. It particularly important for those who are at high risk of cardiac issues, like smokers and regular drinkers,” he said.

Hur Bibi, Age 39, who also underwent a similar complex procedure at AMRI Hospitals, echoed similar concerns and said that the Happy Heart Club will be of great help to people who want to know about their heart health. Parents of Patients expressed their gratitude to the doctors at AMRI Hospitals for curing their family.

Top cardiac surgeons like Dr Jitendranath Patnaik, Dr Chandrabhanu Parija and Cardiologists Dr. Lingaraj Nath, Dr. Mahesh Prasad Agarwal all agreed that in today’s age and time the focus of cardiac treatment should be more on preventive measures, rather than curative measures. Curing complex cardiac conditions has become much easier than what the situation was like even a decade back. However, people should concentrate more on preventative measures as that will help them to have a healthier life, they pointed out.

Talking about the Happy Heart Club, Amri Hospital’s Group CEORupak Barua said that the suggestions from the hospital’s patient to set up the cardiac support group was warmly welcomed by the healthcare Group. “The treatment of the human heart has witnessed significant changes over the last few years. We hope patients who have underwent complex cardiac procedures as well as those who are at the risk of developing such conditions will both benefit from the facilities that will be provided to the Clubs members,” he said.

Amri Hospitals Bhubaneswar, Vice President & Unit Head, Dr. Anuj Tiwari, said, “Many people are leading a sedentary lifestyle, suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, etc, are obese with lack of physical exercise, contributory stress and ill habit of tobacco consumption is one of most leading cause of cardiac diseases and contributing factor for other diseases. This Happy Heart Club membership card will check the probabilities of sudden cardiac problems.”