New Delhi: The prime minister, Narendra Modi, Thursday launched the IT portal ‘ Transparent Taxation-Honouring the Honest’ asserting that there would be an end to tax terrorism.

Modi said the reforms ushere in IT sector during the last few years has reduced the complexities in the tax regime that was prevailing since independence. Tax assessment has become faceless, fairness and fearlessness.

The prime minister said, ” The aim is to decrease complexity, decrease taxes, decrease litigation, and increase transparency, tax compliance and trust on tax payers.”

He said the number cases of scrutiny of the IT returns has come down by four times. The cases of scrunity of 0.94 of total cases in 2012-13 has come down to 0.26% in 2018-19.

Regretting that the number of tax payers in India of 123 crore, the prime minister urged the people to participate in the development of the nation and help the poors by paying the income tax.