Bhubaneswar: Odisha mining sector once again showing a robust growth rate.

The latest trend of Odisha government’s non-tax growth clearly indicates that activities in mining sector is picking up fast. The non tax revenue from mining sector during April -August period has registered a 47% growth as compared to the corresponding period of the last fiscal. While the whole year budge expectation is Rs6,600 crore, the collection by August 31 is Rs2268 crore.

The state’s total tax and non tax revenue has achieved a 9.75% growth rate during the five months. The mobilization is Rs12,800 crore while the whole year budget expectation is Rs 36,300 crore. The final figure is going to be more when the Inter-state GST would transferred to the state account.

Out of the 12,800 crore, while the tax revenue is Rs9410 crore, the non tax revenue collection is Rs 2870 crore.

Non tax revenue collection has gone up because of Entry Tax also. Pushed by the arrears  receipts, the Entry Tax has gone up by 41 % as compared to the collections during the  same period last fiscal.

Excise duty collections has increased by 10% to Rs1125 crore as compared to the last fiscal. The whole year target is Rs3,600 crore. The collection is on growth path despite closure of 1150 shops along the National Highway following Supreme Court ban.

The government spending during the Apirl-August period also increased by 22% over corresponding period last fiscal. The expenditure is Rs19,370 crore, which is about 36% of the budgeted figure for the whole year  Rs53,360 crore.

Among the departments, water resources, rural development and works department have excelled in expenditure.

The water resources department has spend Rs3596 crore, 45% of the Rs7828 crore budget amount. The budget allotment was Rs 6000 crore for the year 2016-17. The department is incurring higher expenditure for the last three years.
The rural development department’s expenditure has gone up to Rs.1845 Crore and works department has spent Rs.1281 Crore. Similarly, the housing and urban development department has spend Rs743 crore. The allotment for the department has, meanwhile, increased to Rs2439 crore in 2017-18 in view of the Bhubaneswar Smart City projects.