Bhubaneswar: The Odisha Labour Board is set to announce slew of welfare schemes for the labourers working in the unorganised sectors in the state.

The first meeting of the Board, which met here on Saturday under the chairmanship of state labour minister Sushant Singh, discussed about the welfare schemes that would be implemented soon.

State labour principal secretary, Anu Garg, labour commissioner Sachin Ramchandra Yadav, Board members and leaders of various workers organisations attended the meeting.

The state government has constituted the Odisha Labour Board on June 21, 1916 under the provisions of Odisha Labourers Welfare Fund Act, 2005 and Rules -2016 for the welfare of the labourers of the state. Under the Act, Rs 40 is collected from factories, shops, business establishments and other organizations, and Rs 20 from the labourers to be deposited in the Labour Board Fund. The fund is utilised in construction of Labour Welfare Centre, libarary, schools and other welfare schemes for the benefit of the labourers.