Bhubaneswar: A black-belt holder Usasi Misra, the Odia film actress who was molested by three miscreants in Angul  is gutty women.

When her car struck in the crowd, she was abused by one Indramani Rout and others. She was pushed and pulled in the crowd and her car was damaged. Usasi made use of her martial art training. She not only defended herself but also gave punch to her tormentor Indramani Rout. Her single punch made Rout realize that the lady has an iron fist. This made Rout fled from the scene.

It was later, Rout came with his two sons to attack Usasi when she was in the green room. They dragged her by pulling her hairs. They pushed her on the ground and tried to rip off her shirt and pull down her pants.

What shocked her that no one came to her rescue. Not even the Jatra party manager.

Usasi would have fought with the miscreants had there been some support from the on-lookers.

Meanwhile, one of the accused has been arrested by the Kaniha police.

Usasi, however, is not happy with the police action. According to her the main accused persons are still at large.

At a PC, she has also announced that she would not return to Jatra if adequate security was not provided to her. The Eastern Blue CEO Malaya Mishra said that she is free to take a decision. But, we will certainly provide her all security, he added.