Ch Jayprakash Das

Bhubaneswar: Odisha vloggers , a local YouTube channel has now come up with first-ever Odia web series on the occasion of Dusshera.

Titled as “Rabana Podi- A Homecoming”; the story that revolves around a retired brigadier living alone, who writes an email to his grandson, asking him to be by his side, as the former deals with the ownership paperwork of his properties and possessions. The grandson a software developer, has stayed away from his grandfather for years, following a clash between his mother and his grandfather, post the death of his father.

“It is a story about someone who wants to make things right, someone trying to resolve a conflict, someone keeping the situations under control and trying to make things better”, said Biraj Rath, the writer cum director of the show.

It’s set during the puja celebrations in Cuttack city; the title of the show has been inspired by the culminating ritual of Rabana Podi of Dussehra. “We have shot in some very crowded places of Cuttack, such as during Rabana Podi, amidst all the fireworks and the heavily crowded Dussehra market, to give it a realistic touch. The essence of Cuttack city is the underlying factor of this series,” said Sudhansu Narayan, essaying the role of the grandson.

The role of the brigadier has been played by Choudhry Jay Prakash Das and also features Dipanwit Dasmohapatra and Ankita Mishra. The web series will go on live on Dusherra this year.

By Aditya Nayak