Bhubaneswar : The three-day Kalinga Literary Festival came to end, here on Sunday.

The three-day 6th edition of Kalinga Literary Festival was spread over 15 engaging sessions ranging from literature to cinema, food, city life, economy and literature. Subjects such as Gandhian ideas, feminism, contemporary literature, arts and paintings, cinema, politics and government , journalism , cultural heritage, book publication business, religion and trade got featured by more than 200 eminent speakers from across the India along with poetry recitations every day.

Speaking on the concluding day, the RBI executive director Rbi Mishra said that the Indian religious values were behind shaping up of financial regulations in India that resulted in immunity from global financial shock way back in 2008. Discussing his recently published book ‘Systemic Risk and Macroprudential Regulations’, Mishra opined that coordinated approach of decision making is the key feature of a robust economy. He was in conversation with columnist Tamal Bandopadhyay.

Gandhi and Modern Marketing, in a session dedicated to Gandhian approach to marketing and media, Santurpt Mishra, a senior executive with the Aditya Biral Group said Gandhi’s successful mobilization of masses towards freedom struggle can be replicated in a marketing strategy having far reaching effect.

During a session on reimagining cities, historian and cultural expert Pushpesh Pant said the rapid immigration of a particular cultural group towards an expanding old cities, is replacing older cuisine and thus, traditional culture also gets diluted. “As a result, even cities which were created in order to be different from villages are having striking similarities with villages now in the form ghettoisation,” he said.

In the inaugural session. Pavan K. Verma, Rajendra Kishore Panda, Paro Anand received the prestigious Kalinga Literary Awards of 2019 for their world standard inspiring work in the literary and professional world. Young and dynamic writer Kedar Mishra of Odisha was conferred with prestigious Kalinga Literary Youth Award of 2019 . The Kalinga Art Festival, which runs simultaneously with the main KLF event, has attracted more than 60 artists from many states of India this time. There are dedicated sessions on understanding and appreciating art.