Sex has a positive effect on health.

Oxford and Coventry University research scholars have found that there is a link between regular sexual activity and in improved brain function in old people. They found that people who had sex at least once in a week scored higher on cognitive function tests.

The university scholars interviewed 73 people aged between 50 and 83. The sample was asked how often on an average they had had sex in the past one year and about their general health and lifestyle.

Sex with a partner which involves an orgasm gives a better sleep. This is what found Dr. Michele Lastella, a sleep researcher at Appleton Institute of Behaviourial Science at CQ University.

Man who ejaculates at least 21 times month by masturbating or having sex with partner get less chance of having prostrate cancer, according to a Harvard University research outcome in 2010.

People looking younger than their age claim that they are having better sex life. This has been found by Dr. David Weeks of Old Age Psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.