Bhubaneswar: Even after three months of the cyclone Fani caused severe devastation in Puri district, the techies of Infosys are visiting the affected villages to extend the required helping hand.

Team Akanksha the CSR wing of Infosys Foundation, along with Team Facility of Infosys Bhubaneswar are extending the helping hand to those villagers. More than 200 volunteers are working on weekends and off days in this initiatives.
Relief materials in Fani-affected Puri district by Infosys Foundation and Akanksha were distributed in phase-wise manner and still continuing. Since Last two months the volunteers are working hard to make the lives of the villagers comfortable.
Relief materials like dry grocery items and clothes were distributed in 32 villages, to more than 11,000 families. The distribution started from May 12 and is still on.
Since restoration of power supply is yet to happen in many remote villages, solar torch distribution in those villages was a boon for the villagers. Around 4,500 numbers were distributed to help more than 12,000 persons.

Rebuilding schools was another task undertaken. In Phase-I 5,000 tin sheets have been distributed to 35 schools, which are non-government aided. These school roofs were completely damaged by the severe cyclonic storm Fani. This will help more than 2,000 students to continue their studies. In the Phase-II 25,000 tin sheets will be distributed to 170 schools and colleges. Similarly, 200 water tanks are being distributed to those schools for storage of drinking water.
Infosys teams have covered most of the interior villages like Basudevpur, Noliasahi, Jatipur, Baliapanda, Penthakata, Bamana, Ganeswarpur, Dampada, Alisha, Churali, Patana, Jatipur, Pandaswara, Bhoisahi,DubaiPur, Andhoti, Kashoti, Badala, Biragobindapur, Chamarakera, Dhanikera,Gokulpur, Basudevpur, Badamachapur, Kapileswarapura, Balikera, Chamarabera, Tandikera, Nua Santha, Ghodaka and provided help and relief materialsas.