Rourkela: The Rrourkela Steel Plant (RSP) CEO,Dipak Chattaraj, Wednesday exhorted the plant collective to make RSP an 8 million tonne global green steel producer.

The CEO, while addressing mass contact programme, said “Be the history makers by demonstrating your credibility and credentials and make Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) an 8 million tonne global green steel producer.

Highlighting the adverse market scenario where it is difficult to get good NSR, Chattaraj said that improving the volume of value added products and reducing the average cost of production are the best ways to face the challenge. The CEO emphasised on the need to create  a mass movement  to reduce wastage,  ensure optimum utilisation of upgraded facilities,   improve techno-economic parameters,  enhance  housekeeping, maximise output from minimum input, fulfil environment norms, strengthen the safety culture and establish good maintenance practices. Reposing faith on the potential of RSP collective, Chattaraj exhorted everyone to introspect and leave a legacy.

Presentations were made by Barkha Sharma, OCT, Power Distribution and Kunurani Biswal, OTC, OBBP on different aspects of the functioning of the Plant and township such as safety, plan for turnaround and transformation strategy, production target, awards, township intervention and status of employees’ suggestion.

Later, during the interaction session, employees gave suggestions pertaining to production, productivity, maintenance and safety issues.  Samita Mishra, Senior Instructor, HRD anchored the session.