Bhubaneswar: The Odisha University of Agriculture & Technology (OUAT) is all set launch 9 new varieties of paddy seeds in new year.

Out of the 9 new varieties, OR-2418-2, OR- 2413-9, OR-2329-8 and OR-2380-2 are for fallow land, and OR-2560-6, OR-2512-5, OR-2542-12, OR-2573-15 and OR- 2529-1 are for medium land. The OR-2529-1 variety is a substitute of popular seed Lalata.

The head of paddy research centre in OUAT’s Plant Breeding Department, Prof Debendra Nath Bastia said the new varieties seeds will be available to the farmers in new year.

Meanwhile, the OUAT under the leadership of its dean extension Prof. Prabhat Roul is preparing for a extensive farmers education about the new varieties. The farmers attached to the University are being supplied with the new varieties seeds and encouraged them with farm demonstrations. The Krushi Vigyan Kendras are decimating the information’s to the farmers.

The University is also developing new varieties of scented rice. It is also working on developing high yielding dwarf variety paddy so that the plant would not fall on the ground due wind or due to the burden of the stalk.

Established in 1960s, the laboratory has contributed 65 new varieties of paddy tii now.