Bhubaneswar: Rjadhani Express conductor has returned left behind Jacket having Rs92,000 cash to the passenger who had lost it.

Train conductor of Rajdhani Express S. K. Behera posted at Bhubaneswar and was on duty in Rajdhani Express found a jacket from A-1 coach along with Rs92,000 ready cash and passport of Vinay Jaiswal.

The passenger had left his jacket behind and detrained at Delhi. The coach attendant had found it and handed it over to the train superintendent to verify if the passenger could be contacted. Until then the content inside had not been checked. But the conductor Behera found the money (92 K) but the contact details of the passenger could not be found. Fortunately the passenger had given a customer feedback during the journey and has given his mobile no in it. So chief tcket inspector Shri Behera contacted him and the jacket and the contents were handed over to the relatives of the passenger at Kanpur Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh.