Bhubaneswar: Garware Technical Fibres Ltd. (GTFL), a leading solution provider of technical textiles for the Indian and global markets, has successfully completed the Pentha Project within a span of  3 years in Odisha.

The Pentha project was a pioneering project in Odisha to use soft intervention technology with 3 tiers of geo-textile tubes, for coastal protection. The Geo-textile tubes helped in withstanding the extremely severe cyclones ‘Phailin’ ,’Hud Hud’ and ‘Fani’ that hit the Odisha and its coastal neighbours . The geo-textile tube acts as a massive bund that can be used as a protective measure against tidal wave action due to cyclones or tsunamis. At the time of cyclone last year in the months of April 2019, the Pentha Village and the adjoining villages were not affected because of the existence of the Geosynthetics-Tubes.

Sharing his view on the success of the Pentha Project, Tiru Kulkarni, President Geosynthetics Division Garware Technical Fibres Ltd. stated, “The Pentha Project is a landmark project for Garware technical Fibres Ltd.; as this project had proved to be immense help for the villagers residing along the coastline. The livelihood of people based out at Pentha is primarily based on farming and the Geosynthetics-tubes helps in protecting around 6000 hectares of crop land and prevents the salty water to enter into the paddy fields. We at Garware Technical Fibres Ltd. believe to work for the welfare of the society and contribute towards a better living. The innovative techniques used by our personnel have helped in successful completion of the Project. We hope to add value to the society with our growing business.”