Bhubaneswar: East Coast Railway (ECoR) introduced Parcel Express Trains between Visakhapatnam- Cuttack, Visakhapatnam -Sambalpur and Yesvantpur- Guwahati.

“East Coast Railway has decided to run two Parcel Express trains in its jurisdiction. One Parcel Express train will run between Visakhapatnam-Sambalpur-Visakhapatnam and another between Visakhapatnam-Cuttack-Visakhapatnam, both the trains will carry essential goods to different loading/unloading points,” said a ECOR spokesperson.

Parcel Express from Visakhapatnam will leave on 9th, 11th & 13th April towards Sambalpur and from Sambalpur on 10th, 12th & 14th April, 2020 towards Visakhapatnam.

Parcel Express towards Cuttack from Visakhapatnam will leave from 9th to 14th April and from Cuttack will leave from 10th to 15th April, 2020 towards Visakhapatnam.

Parcel Express train between Yesvantpur and Howrah will leave from Yesvantpur on 7th April towards Guwahati and from Guwahati on 10th April, 2020 towards Yesvantpur.

The spokesperson said that the State government can use the train service for transportation of various essential commodities to various places of the State.

” Agencies, NGOs, Traders are hereby informed to make use of these services during the lock down period for movement of essential goods. Station Managers and Parcel Supervisors at the Stations will provide the further details of the train scheduled to carry essential parcel items,” said the spokesperson.

Railways is also planning to increase the frequency of the Parcel Express Train and also to run more Parcel Express from different locations of the country including from East Coast Railway jurisdiction, the spokesperson said adding , merchants and interested supplier parties may also contact Parcel Offices at the Stations and to Station Managers to carry their essential goods .