Shallu Jindal

Angul (Odisha): Jindal Steel and Power (JSPL), with an objective to support the district administration, government and the local community to fight against COVID-19, has been continuing to undertake multi-dimensional intervention during the last four months.

Through its CSR Arm, JSPL Foundation, led by its chairperson Shallu Jindal, the Company has been closely collaborating with the district administration as well as the local people to defeat the drudgery of the pandemics.

JSPL Foundation has been providing food and ration to the needy and vulnerable, distributing masks, sanitizers and soaps among communities  as well as creating awareness among rural communities about  various prevention measures to contain  the global pandemic.

In addition to these, the company has been taking several measures to create an infection free safe work place for its workers and employees and strictly following the COVID protocols and government guidelines.

Inspired by the vision of its chairman Naveen Jindal for a Hunger Free India, the steel company launched ‘Mission Zero Hunger’ programme to support the poor and vulnerable and provided cooked and dry foods to various needy people living in its vicinity.

JSPL Foundation provided 10200 meals of cooked food to street dwellers from 29th March onwards . The Company has so far provided about 13800 cooked meals to the stranded truck drivers and migrant workforce  since  28th March .

Besides, the Company has  provided  dry rations for 90 days  to various destitute homes such as Old age homes, Child care home, Shelter homes for the destitute women and homes for special children.  Food materials such as Rice, Dal, Oil, Jaggery/Sugar, Chiwda/Poha, Potatoes, Onions, Soyabean and Black peas etc were given to them which constituted of  cooking materials for about 50000 meals.

As a prevention measures , for  better protection of local  communities ,  the Company has distributed more than 110000 UV treated / sterilized mask, made by SHG members promoted by JSPL Foundation. This includes both disposable and washable masks. Similarly more than 25000 persons have been given sanitizers and about 15000 pieces of soaps have been distributed. 

All the 1654 Anganwadi Centres in the district have been provided with face cover Masks and Sanitization  kits by the JSPL Foundation.

JSPL Foundation’s  initiatives ensuring access to Cooked  Food / Dry Rations for  the migrant Workforce and the socially Vulnerables  and equipping the local community and grass root COVID Warriors  with the Protective measures have been appreciated by the Angul  district administration and Odisha State Disaster Management Authority.

Besides, this two pronged strategy of protecting the Community and providing livelihood options to the SHG women fructified in ensuring everyday cash access to hundreds of rural women in the prevailing wage crunch situation .

JSPL Foundation is also organising awareness sessions in rural and tribal villages to sensitise the community about social distancing, use of mask, hand washing and hygiene, need for staying at home, following lock down rules etc. to prevent spread of COVID-19.

In addition to various CSR activities, the company has also been strictly following government guidelines to prevent COVID-19 among its employees and workers. It ensures social distancing at every stage of its plant operations.

Nowhere, more than five people are allowed to assemble and mask is mandatory to enter and work in the plant premises. Body temperature of each worker and employee coming to the Plant is taken through thermal screening. Online meetings are being organized in lieu of physical meetings. 

The Company is also undertaking more and more COVID tests as a preventive measure to eliminate spread of the disease.

For certain functions, the company also resorted to allowing the employee to work from home to ensure further safe environment without interrupting the operations. People coming from outside are quarantined strictly as per government guidelines.

“Occupational Health and Safety of our workers and employees are the foremost priority for JSPL. We are also concerned about the health and safety of our local community.  We are adhering to the government guidelines in letter and spirit at our plant and also in our township. We have also taken various steps to empower the local villagers to fight COVID-19 effectively. We are hopeful to defeat  COVID 19   and  simultaneously contribute to build an Atmanirbhar Bharat,”  said the Company spokesperson  today .