Bhubaneswar: As the global quest continues for an effective panacea to forestall the spread of the CoVID-19 pandemic, GovTech pioneer CSM Technologies has designed and developed “CoVaTrack“- the first India focused Covid-19 vaccine & treatment tracker.

CoVaTrack Vaccine & Treatment Tracker

Under its Corporate Social Responsibility programme, CSM has tried to bring some respite to the most concerned subject of today. CoVID-19 vaccine is one of the most searched topic in the Internet as people are sifting through volumes of information to find out about the latest developments in this space. CoVaTrack is a one stop destination to get information about the vaccine development, as pharma companies, researchers and nations from across the world are working at a feverish pace to stop coronavirus in its track, which has caused enormous havoc and distress world over.

In the long-drawn process of vaccine development, CoVaTrack will keep a close track of the vaccine development efforts through multiple stages of clinical trials before regulatory approval and commercial release to market. Phase wise clinical trials are used to gauge the efficacy, dosage and side effects of either a vaccine that closely emulates the behaviour of the virus to generate antibodies or an existing drug repurposed for treating coronavirus, and similar other treatments.  The tracker aims to provide every such information about the developers and researchers of ongoing trials that can encourage others in the similar lines and the development authorities to partner, invest and fast track such efforts. 

The tracker aggregates publicly available information from global clinical trials registries & other credible sources. Rich visualizations in a mobile first User Interface make the tracker interactive and user friendly. This tracker of Vaccines & Treatments also looks forward to provide insights in the area of researches and novel methodologies used or invented to further the process. It will inform about the promising efforts being made to find a lasting cure and instil hope & confidence in a safer tomorrow.