Rourkela: Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) has created several records in the field of production as well as despatch in the month of August 2020.

The Steel Plant made 3,33,840 tonnes of Hot Metal from two Blast Furnaces which is its best-ever monthly production from two furnaces. Out of this, Blast Furnace-1 made 89,459 tonnes of Hot Metal thereby creating a new record in highest production for any month since inception.

New Plate Mill rolled 7,958 no of slabs and produced 22,591 no of plates, which are its all time best monthly performance since inception.

Captive Power Plant-3 clocked 41.6 Mega Watt daily average power generation which is its all-time-best for any month.

At 54,183 tonnes the monthly road despatch of prime material was also all time high. Besides, New Plate Mill set a fresh record by despatching  91,138 tonnes of plates during the month. 

Best-August performances were also achieved in total Sinter (5,72,756 tonnes), total Crude Steel (3,20,759 tonnes), average pushing from Coke Ovens Battery-6 (91.7), total HR Coils (1,58,231 tonnes), Plates from New Plate Mill (80,953 tonnes) and total Saleable Steel (3,02,432 tonnes).

The month of August was studded with brilliant performances by several units. Blast Furnace -1 notched up its best ever single-day production of 3,552 tonnes on 17th August. While on 19th August Steel Melting Shop-2 created a new record by making 73 blows from two converters on a single day. Another single-day record was created by SMS-2 when it achieved desulphurisation of 24 ladles on 21st August. In the B shift of 21st August New Plate Mill rolled 121 slabs weighing 1,721 tonnes, which was its all-time-high performance for any shift. Captive Power Plant – 3 set two consecutive records in single-day power generation by producing 45.61 Mega Watts of Electrical Power on 6th August 2020 and surpassing it on 7th August by generating 46.48 Mega Watts of power. 

While addressing the senior executives of the Plant in a virtual meeting on 1st September 2020, CEO Dipak Chattaraj praised all the production departments as well as supporting units for the splendid performance.

“I am proud of my colleagues of Rourkela Steel Plant for registering splendid performance in all major areas of production and despatch while battling against COVID-19. It’s a culmination of the records we have set in recent times. There is no time for complacency, let’s make excellence a habit,” he said.