Rourkela: Six employees of Rourkela Steel Plant were awarded at a special award programme was organised at Coal Chemicals Department under Instant Recognition Scheme last week.

CGM (CO & CC) I. Rajan presented the award to S.Behera, DGM(Operation), M.K.Panigrahi, Sr.Manager(Operation), P.C.Barik, Sr.Operative (Operation), S.K.Patra, Sr.Operative (Operation), R.N.Nanda,MasterTechnician(Mech.) and K.C.Ojha,Sr.Operative(Operation).

Present on the occasion were K.K.Patra, GM (Mechanical) and S.K.Ghosh, GM (Operation). The programme was coordinated by Piyush Jain, AGM (Operation).

It may be noted that Coal Chemical Department is dispatching crude coal tar, road tar and other by products that fetch revenue for RSP. During the lock down due to COVID-19 pandemic the department has dispatched 12615.93 tonnes crude coal tar and 198.56 tonnes dehydrated tar that fetched significant revenue for the plant.