Rourkela: The Hot Metal tapping from the recently blown in Blast Furnace-4 (BF-4), ‘Annapurna’, of Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) is steadily stabilizing.

After the blowing in of the furnace for the 7th campaign on 9th September, 2020 by Plant CEO Dipak Chattaraj in presence of executive directors and senior executives, the first Hot Metal separation was done on 11th September. The Furnace reached the level of 2000 tonnes of Hot Metal production the 4th day of its resumption of operation.

The sections concerned of BF-4 have been effectively monitoring the technological parameters and the furnace is on the path of continual improvement. Pulverised Coal Injection was started in the Furnace on 18th September. 

Notably, BF-4 has a capacity of producing 2475 tonnes of Hot Metal per day. The Furnace with a useful volume of 1658 cubic metre was commissioned on 3rd July, 1967. It has crossed many milestones in its illustrious journey.

When the RSP is looking up to ramp up its production in the post lockdown scenario in view of the increase in market demand, the availability of the BF-4 will be a shot in arm for the company.