Bhubaneswar: East Coast Railway has commissioned Intermediate Block Signaling between Lanjigarh Road and Ambodala Stations in Titilagarh-Rayagada Railway section so as to enhance train handling capacity.

Intermediate block signaling (IBS) is a technique by which a block section between two adjoining stations is split into two by the provision of anadditional signal which is remotely controlled from the station. It is provided solely to decrease the block lengths. The effect of such a signaling arrangement is the same as providing additional manned stations and increases the number of trains that can be passed on a line. This will help in increasing line capacity, wagon turn around and ultimately improve earning of the railways.  

Further, yard remodeling work was completed at Ambodala yard by providing additional cross over to siding andshunting neck in the yard. This arrangement facilitates seamless train operation with MVAA siding and eases congestion in the Ambodala yard. Shunting neck provision in the yard makes engine reversal flexible without occupying the main running lines. All mentioned arrangements will definitely improve movement of raw materials and finishing products with MVAA siding of Sambalpur Division.