Konark: Audience at the Konark Festival Friday were left enchanted by rhythmic portrayals of tales from the epics through a series of performances by a troupe from Ranan, Bengaluru led by noted choreographer Vikram Iyengar.

The word ‘Kathak’ has been derived from the word ‘Katha’, i.e. story. Kathakars or story-tellers, are people who narrate stories largely based on episodes from the epics, myths and legends. The Vaishnavite cult which swept North India in the 15th century and the resultant Bhakti movement contributed to a whole new range of lyrics and musical forms. The Radha-Krishna theme proved immensely popular along with the works of Mirabai, Surdas, Nandadas and Krishnadas.

The second set of performances were of Odissi by Bhubaneswar’s Rudrakshya Foundation led by leading Guru, Bichitrananda Swain and troupe.
As in every year, enthusiasts return to Konark to witness how Indian classical dance forms express India’s prominent stories in diverse manners, despite emphasising similar cultural values that bind India together.

The Sand Art Festival witnessed creations paying tributes to the Indian Navy on the occasion of Navy Day, besides other creations on COVID awareness, fairs and festivals and the highly anticipated glamping festival of Eco Retreat Odisha.
The twin festivals will conclude on 05 December, with Odissi performances by a troupe from the noted Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Odissi Research Centre and a series of Kathak performances by Aditi Mangaldas and group from Drishtikona Dance Foundation, New Delhi.