Bhubaneswar: Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik has urged the prime minister Narendra Modi to provide PMAY housing units to 7.87 lakh victims of cyclone Fani which hit 14 districts and 6..07 lakh people in remaining 16 districts of the State.

Patnaik, in a letter to the PM on Wednesday said that Odisha has identified, geo-tagged and Aadhaar seeded 7.87 lakh houses in 14 “FANI” affected districts. These beneficiaries may be brought into the permanent wait list of PMAY(G) and considered for sanction of PMAY(G) special houses, he has stated. “This will not only provide relief to the FANI affected families, but also ensure safe housing to rural families to withstand the natural calamities in the cyclone prone areas.”

Patnaik has also mentioned in the letter that the State has identified 6.07 Lakh eligible households, who had left-out from the pemanent wait list of PMAY(G) in 16 non-FANI affected districts and urged the PM that the ministry of rural development may be advised to open window of Aawaas+ Mobile App to geo-tag these houses to accomplish the objective of “Safe housing for all”.