Rourkela: Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) CEO Dipak Chattaraj gave a call for making the plant an accident free plant on the occasion of 72nd Republic Day of the Nation was celebrations, here on Tuesday.

The CEO said, “ RSP recorded 346 accident-free days in 2020 and there was no non-fatal reportable accident last year. I would like to ask here, how difficult it is to increase the number of accident free days from 346 to 365 ? Why cannot we achieve it? As per statistics 90 to 95 % accidents happen due to unsafe act and only 5 to 10% accidents take place because of unsafe conditions. Can’t we be slightly more careful and earn the tag of an ‘Accident free Steel Plant’? From this forum I would like to reiterate that ‘safety’ can’t be compromised at any cost- not even while pursuing production targets or meeting deadlines.”

Wishing the RSP collective on this auspicious occasion, Dipak Chattaraj said, “Being the first Integrated Steel Plant to start production of Hot Metal in Independent India, we have a lot to take pride in. In the last 62 years, we have made 98 Million Tonnes of Hot Metal, that have been used in various endeavours of the country in the field of air, water and land; utilities and infrastructure.”

Elaborating about the achievements of the Plant in various fields of endeavor, Chattaraj said, “ I am so happy that all my major production units are now in a cooperation-cum-competition mode. If one department sets a new milestone, other departments are making it a point to match the performance. As a result, RSP collective is scripting history in every sphere of activity.”

The CEO while concluding his speech said, “I call upon each one of you to continue giving your best for the sake of the development and growth of the Plant and ensure continual excellent performance in a safe and harmonious environment. Let’s hoist the flag of our capabilities and prowess and demonstrate to the rest of the world that we are second to none in fulfilling our commitment to our Plant and our Motherland.”

On this occasion, the CEO also presented Jawahar awards to 24 executives for their commendable contribution in various fields of endeavor of RSP.

The programme was attended by Raka Chattaraj, President, Deepika Mahila Sanghati, Raj Vir Singh, ED(P&A), Pankaj Kumar, ED(Projects) and in charge ED(Works), C. R. Mohapatra, CGM (MM & Marketing), Praveen Nigam, CGM (F&A), Dr. B. K. Hota, CMO, Sumanlata and Kiran Sinha both vice presidents of DMS and many other senior officers of RSP.

Later, the CEO inaugurated a picturesque garden ‘Ispat Sarovar Udyan’ developed at Sctor-6. The highlight of the garden is a 70 metre tall pole with the Indian Tricolor flying atop instilling a sense of national pride amongst the onlookers.