Puri: International sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo has created a sand art on the Puri beach to mark the ” Earth Day”.

Manas Kumar Sahoo has created the art piece on the Golden Sea Beach of  Puri near the Light House on the occasion of “World Earth Day”.  In it, he shows the world how to stay away from Corona and how to create an atmosphere of serenity and peace in the world again. 

The second wave of the Corona is now going on all over the world.  The sand art shows how Corona can be completely eradicated from the world by using sanitizers, wearing masks, and maintaining social distance.

 It took 7 long hours by Manas to build this sand art & has consumed 12 tons of sand. The sand art is 12 ft in width.   In it, he delivers the message of “Let’s Repel Covid, Save Earth” and “ Earth Day”.