Bhubaneswar: Anvayaa, launches its services providing Companionship and Care to the elders in Odisha to support aged parents or singles whose family stays away from them due to personal or professional reasons.

Anvayaa is India’s first and only IoT and AI tech-based personalized elderly care platform which fulfills the needs of the elderly by providing proactive health care assistance and creating an ecosystem through a network of Care Companionship Managers and partners that makes their life easy
Recent reports indicate that Odisha has experienced a significant increase in workers migrating overseas, both blue-collar and white-collar which is giving rise to more elderly people getting deserted. Moreover, due to the massive increase in the growth of the migrant population and the substantial rise of activities in the informal sector in recent years. Outbound migration from the state is growing due to low wages and lack of job opportunities, with both Bhubaneswar and Rourkela listed as the top cities for migrants from Odisha. As The elderly population of the state makes up 9.5% of the total population, which is around 39.84 lakh.

The limited and unorganized options that the elderly population have is a severe barrier that hinders the day-to-day life of lone elders and affects their healthcare assistance. Anvayaa has developed the most contemporary technological platform for effective care and predictable service for senior persons and has received widespread national and international acclaim. With an eco-system in Odisha city, Anvayaa provides companionship through care managers and 24×7 support by care coordinators besides the disruptive use of technology for predictive health care and the network.

Anvayaa now provides services to elderly people in 24 cities, assisting them in living respectable and independent life. Only 30% of the services needed by the elderly in society are health-related, according to a study; the remaining aspects being practical and emotional assistance for day-to-day activities. With a network of over 250 partners in industries like health care, diagnostics and pharmacy, home maintenance, libraries, grocery, surveillance & security, local travel, lawyers, and many more, Anvayaa has developed a tech-enabled 360° overall solution for the elderly over the years to help them live comfortably. The 6,000+ families that have chosen Anvayaa’s services over the past six years are evidence of this.

Exuding confidence in the launch of Anvayaa in Odisha,Prashanth Reddy, Founder, and Managing Director, Anvayaa Kin-Care Pvt Ltd. said, “We are excited to begin our services in Odisha. For seniors to avoid feeling lonely, Anvayaa offers social & emotional care services. Companionship being a critical aspect in the advancing years of the elderly is incredibly beneficial and aids mental health and bodily health, creating new routines and making life better overall. Anvayaa is devoted to providing them with comprehensive health care solutions that include personal advisers with the support of cutting-edge technology. We take care of their health, via routine observation and innovative use of technology to give round-the-clock emergency help using our own app. We are also looking forward to helping more and more families with Anvayaa extending care-comfort and convenience to the elders and providing peace of mind to them and their kids.”

Anvayaa maintains the elder’s medical records, home healthcare support, diagnostics, Medical Emergency tracking system, auto reminders, and daily care. Besides support for health care, they have set up a detailed eco-system with over 250 partners to fulfil every need of elders and make their life easy. The Care Managers at Anvayaa provide emotional support to the elders and act as proxies for their children, taking care of them like a family. Anvayaa contributes to the growing need for building an eco-system to take care of various requirements of the financially independent yet lonely elderly population in the country which is likely to touch 158.7 million by 2025.