Bhubaneswar: TPCODL-Skill Development Centre (SDC) is an endeavour of TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL) to ensure skill development, technical training and exposure to new practices in power distribution sector. The company inaugurated its first such training centre in Bhubaneswar recently for its employees working under Bhubaneswar 1 Electricity Circle. TPCODL plans to open one such centre each for the other four electricity circles under its licensed area of operation for knowledge and skill upgradation of all its employees.

The in-house skill development centre will provide a great platform to workforce and technical people of both TPCODL and its Business Associates, who have been deprived of opportunities of technical training and development. It will also help the workforce from rural areas to learn and practice new processes and technology to sharpen their overall skill sets. The upskilling process will lead to a stronger workforce that can better serve the rural customers.

The SDC set up at Sainik School PSS is the first of its kind to set benchmark for the upcoming centres. The centre is designed to cater all types of technical and safety related skills and practices in distribution business. The center is equipped with classroom training, demonstration of materials and equipment. Employees can get hands on training on distribution network, equipment and meters at the SDC.

The TPCODL-SDC was inaugurated by Tata Power MD & CEO Dr. Praveer Sinha, and CEO TPCODL M. Shenbagam in presence of trainees and senior officials of the Company.

“Our organisational culture has always been technology driven and upskilling of employees becomes imperative to this culture. I congratulate team TPCODL for this initiative. Aligning all safety practices with the required knowledge will help all our employees to ensure robust power supply within the state,” said Dr. Praveer Sinha.

“Upgrading our skill sets on a regular basis is of utmost importance for us to ensure reliable power supply and better customer service. Our services are visible to each and every customer at all points of time. To serve them the best, our workforce needs to be equipped with the best in class skill set. Thus we will remain committed towards upskilling of our employees for higher efficiency in job roles,” said Mr Shenbagam.

TPCODL is a joint venture between Tata Power and the government of Odisha with the majority stake being held by Tata Power Company (51%). TPCODL serves a population of 1.36 crores with customer base of 26 Lakh and a vast Distribution Area of 29,354 Sq. Kms central districts of Odisha.