New Delhi:  December 20, 2005 leaves an imprint in the history of the democratization of the Indian National Flag. On this day, the Government of India amended the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act-1971, which enables every citizen to display the national flag (Tiranga) on cloths above waist with due respect.

Democratization of the Indian National Flag has always been a priority issue for the President of the Flag Foundation of India, Naveen Jindal. He fought a decade-long legal battle to empower every citizen to fly and display our National Flag with pride, dignity & Honour.  

“Naveen Jindal always wanted citizens to display the Tiranga to show their respect and pride towards the nation. After he joined the Lok Sabha as a newly elected MP after winning the 2004 general elections from Kurukshetra Constituency, he was informed that a Member of Parliament cannot wear the Tiranga on the clothes under rule 349 (XIV) of the House. Mr Jindal filed a petition to the chair for permission to wear the National flag and got the resolution passed in the Parliament. In line with the action, he got amended the Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act-1971 on 20 December 2005, which allowed citizens of India to wear the National Flag above the waist”, said Major General (Retd) Ashim Kohli, CEO of Flag Foundation of India in a statement.

The landmark decision helped to take the message of patriotism to every Indian and strengthened the roots of Indian democracy. Let us all cherish this historic day and pledge to continue to wear Tiranga on clothes and feel proud”, Kohli further added.