Berhampur: Aligning with the forecasts and predictions about intensive heatwave this summer, Tata Power Southern Odisha Distribution Ltd (TPSODL) has geared up its preparedness for uninterrupted and reliable power supply. Envisaging a peak demand of 780MW this summer season, the company has spearheaded massive technological innovations that will help the company to meet the challenges.
Technology Usage: TPSODL is currently able to monitor and control 102 nos. of PSS from its centralized PSCC. This enables it to carry out network changes swiftly and efficiently in case of contingency situations. TPSODL has also brought in 9 lakh consumers from City, Aska, and Berhampur Circles under the purview of GIS (Geographical Information System). With ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System), one can easily identify affected areas, consumers, and communicate with them proactively.
Network Augmentation: Apart from periodic maintenance activities, the company has augmented 239.4 Ckt.Km of HT lines and carried out the replacement of 302 Ckt. Km of LT Undersized/ dilapidated conditions AB Cable. 45.3 MVA of power transformer capacity has been added in the Old Primary substations (Non-ODSSP) along with 155 Nos. of New VCBs. The company has also added 34.12 MVA of Distribution Transformer capacity in the network by augmenting DTRs and replaced 2,079 faulty DTRs to ensure seamless electricity supply to customers throughout the summer. Other initiatives include regular overhauling and repairs of power transformers and distribution transformers (DTR).
Proactive Maintenance/Preparedness:

  1. Regular tree trimming completed on 15,910 CKM of HT lines through patrolling and maintenance.
  2. Overhauling of 38 PTRs, 376 Nos. of 33kV & 11kV VCBs, and replacement of 68 relays in old PSS (Non-ODSSP).
  3. Completed maintenance on 9,972 DSS and also carried out load survey of 39,564 DT loads, and load balancing of 2,676 DTRs.
  4. Improved LT protection by installing 4357 MCCBs / Kit-Kat fuses, and cleaned 4,406 LT poles to remove jumbling of service connections.
  5. Installed or replaced 15,566 LAs at DSS.