Balasore: In anticipation of the intense heat forecasted in this summer, the distribution companies (Discoms) in Odisha led by Tata Power have taken many steps to ensure uninterrupted and quality power supply for the valuable customers. TPNODL, a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha that caters to more than 20.5 lakh consumers, expects peak demand to reach 1350 MW this summer season, a rise by 197 MW from last year’s 1153 MW.
TPNODL has implemented various initiatives to manage peak demand as well as to ensure uninterrupted power supply during this summer. Those are as follows:
Load forecasting is a crucial aspect of managing peak demand and ensuring a dependable power supply. TPNODL relies on various parameters such as weather forecasts and past demand data to accurately predict the demand and plan optimally for cost-effective power supply to consumers. In the area served by TPNODL, summer peak demand trends have been as follows:
2021-22: 1174 MW
2022-23: 1153 MW,
Strengthening Network through Technological Intervention
• The Discom has implemented various technologies to assess the health condition of power assets, helping in scheduling maintenance programs for improving distribution assets’ condition.
• TPNODL has engaged Business Associates for the Annual Maintenance Contract of substations, 33 KV, 11 KV lines, transformers for preventive & breakdown maintenance and attending fuse call complaints promptly.
• A 24X7 PSCC operates as the Central Control Room.

• A dedicated 24X7 Call Centre has been set up where consumers can call in case of no power supply.
• Circle and Division level control rooms have been set up to coordinate with local field teams and the main control center at PSCC, Balasore.
• Extensive maintenance work, including mass-scale tree trimming during the off-peak season, has been conducted to minimize untoward breakdown during the peak summer.