Sukinda (Odisha): Reiterating its commitment to sustainable development and environmental conservation, Tata Steel Mining organized a bird watching session at its Sukinda Chromite Mine campus here on Friday.
Aimed at promoting biodiversity conservation and creating environmental awareness, the event, brought together a diverse group of nature enthusiasts, conservationists, and local stakeholders to explore the rich avian biodiversity surrounding the Sukinda Chromite Mine. The objective was to create awareness about the importance of preserving natural habitats and fostering wildlife conservation.
The bird watching session started early in the morning in the lush surroundings of the campus, offering an opportunity for participants to observe the behaviour and habitat of sparrows first-hand. Dr Justus Joshua, senior scientist and biodiversity expert guided the event, providing valuable insights into the life cycle, nesting habits, and migration patterns of the charming birds.
Expressing his enthusiasm for the event, Pankaj Satija, Managing Director, Tata Steel Mining, said, “We are delighted to have organized this bird watching session, as it allows us to appreciate the incredible biodiversity that surrounds us. The program aligns with our commitment to environmental sustainability. By organizing this event, we aim to raise awareness among the communities about protection of birds and encourage all to take small but meaningful steps towards their conservation.”
Continuing the initiatives that foster environmental stewardship, the company, later in the day, distributed specially designed artificial nests to the participants to promote the installation of these nests in homes, offices, and public spaces, that will create a conducive environment for birds to thrive and multiply.
Notably, the company had earlier launched the “Love Sparrows” programme to highlight the importance of sparrows in maintaining the ecological balance and the alarming decline in their population. TSML has also installed artificial nests in the mine campus to contribute to the protection and conservation of sparrows in the region.