Bhubaneswar: Vedanta Aluminium, India’s largest producer of aluminium, is launching amulti-channel campaign called ‘#AzadiKaAsliMatlab’(The True Meaning of Freedom), on the occasion of India’sIndependence Day 2023. The campaign pivots around a visually striking film encapsulatingthe nation’sprogress on several fronts. It was launched on 14th August on YouTube, and will be subsequently rolled outacross all leading social media platforms on 15th August.
The film also echoes the role of aluminium asthe backbone for numerouscriticalapplications in the modern world, accelerating India’s transformation into a hub of world-class manufacturingand innovation. It will be accompanied by aprint campaign on 15th August, based on the theme ‘Aluminium from the earth takes India to the skies’.
The #AzadiKaAsliMatlab campaign envisages freedom as a broad concept that transcends existing implications of the term.Taking inspiration from the query ‘AapkeliyeAzadi Ka Kya Matlab Hai’ (What Does Freedom Mean To You?), the film encouragesits diverse audience to reflect more deeply on what freedom means to them personally.
Freedom today manifests itself in many forms, signifying various things to different people. For example, the filmdepicts howIndia is a vast countryhome to numerous families separated by long distances, due to their work or education needs. Aluminium is facilitating modern transportation, such as through aluminium-bodied trains and aircrafts, that help bring them closer. Similarly, the video also highlights how aluminium is addressing our national security needsthrough its extensive uses in electronics, satellites, rockets, defence equipment, fighter jets etc.