Berhampur: The Tata Power South Odisha Discom Ltd. (TPSODL) has proactively implemented measures and issued comprehensive guidelines ahead of the upcoming festival season. These guidelines are tailored to address the construction of temporary structures and pandals. As per the guidelines, temporary connections should be sought for such installations. These steps can largely prevent any accidents during the festive season with legitimate connections. TPSODL has established specialized teams, including the Fuse Call Centre (FCC) and the Social Media Monitoring Unit, to diligently monitor and promptly address any emerging concerns during this period.

TPSODL enforcement team has achieved a remarkable feat on Wednesday by setting an unprecedented milestone in the rapid and efficient detection and resolution of electricity theft. With exceptional coordination and unwavering diligence, the entire process – from initial report reception to penalty recovery – was executed within an astonishing 46-minute timeframe.

The incident came to the attention of authorities at 21:26 hrs on Wednesday evening in Berhampur when reports of direct electricity theft by a roadside Rakhi seller surfaced. Prompt and decisive action was taken by a dedicated team of officials who swiftly arrived at the scene. Through meticulous investigation and expedited procedural channels, the case was successfully closed by 22:12 hrs on the same evening.

TPSODL CEO Amit Garg, CEO said, “The successful and swift resolution of this electricity theft case showcases the dedication and expertise of our team.”