Bhubaneswar: The legendary Kalinga Rath is back. The iconix Willy station wagon, which served Odisha’s tallest politician si far, has become once again road worthy after almost three decades.

Biju Babu was whizzing around the State during election time in this station wagon popularly known as Kalinga Rath. However, in late1980s, the vehicle went off road due want of spare parts. The station wagon left space for Ambassador car, considered favourite of politician. Biju Patnaik switched over to a white Ambassador car for his election campaign in1990.

The once famous Kalinga Rath left to.decay in an uncared for garage in Naveen Novas.

However, chief minister Naveen Patnaik, who.oftens to be nostalgic, took interest in Kalinga Rath and decided to bring his father Biju Babu’s favourite vehicle on road.

The junior Patnaik send the abandoned vehicle to Mumbai not only to make it roadworthy but also renovated with all modern amenities.

Kalinga Rath has come back to Naveen Nivas with new promises. With fitness and roadworthy certificate from transport authority, Kalinga Rath is all set to hit the road once again during the 2024 elections. However, this time the man on front seat will be Naveen Patnaik, the living legend who set a new record in remaining in power uninterruptedly for long 23 years.

By Arpita Bisoi