Bhubaneswar:On the occasion of World Environment Health Day, Vedanta Aluminium, the largest aluminium producer in India, reaffirms its commitment to fosteringsustainableecosystems within the vicinity of its operations through comprehensive initiatives focused on environmental preservation, conservation and augmentation.Through these, Vedanta Aluminium is on a mission to create an ecologically promising future for existing and coming generations.
Towards these efforts, the company has adopted a two-fold strategy of mitigating and offsetting its carbon footprint to consistently ensure sustainable operations. In terms of mitigation, Vedanta is focused on enhancing its manufacturing excellence to ensure higher energy efficiencies, increasing the quantum of renewables in its energy mix, and transitioning to low-carbon energy sources such as biofuels. To offset its carbon footprint, the company is also creating substantial carbon sinks through extensive afforestation effortsin the vicinity of its operations in Odisha and Chhattisgarh. Strategic endeavours of the company towards this goal have earned it rank 2 in the S&P Dow Jones Sustainability Index world rankings for the aluminium industry in FY22, making it the second most sustainable aluminium producer in the world today.
The approach of ‘Planet First’ also extends to the company’s product development and innovation. Vedanta Aluminium is the producer of India’s first-ever low carbon aluminium range, ‘Restora,’ that contributes towards meeting the increasing global demand for eco-friendly materials. The company has also inaugurated a Material Recovery Facility that makes sustainable use of waste material and contributes to the creation of a circular economy, embraced digital technologies such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-based technology to reduce emissions. Furthermore, Vedanta Aluminium has deployed the largest fleets of lithium-ion battery-powered electric forklifts in India, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability across the production chain.
In step with these measures, Vedanta Aluminium has made substantial contributions to responsible water management, recycling an impressive 13.69 billion litres of water in FY23. It also achieved a remarkable 24% reduction in GHG emissions intensity in FY 2022 compared to a 2012 baseline The company has undertaken a strategic partnership with ERM India, a renowned environmental consulting firm, to enhance its Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP) across its areas of operations, further underlining its dedication to environmental stewardship.
On the occasion, Vedanta Ltd – Aluminium Business, COO Sunil Gupta said, “At Vedanta Aluminium, our initiatives go beyond just improving the environment; they encompass a definitive vision for a sustainable future. As the world accelerates toward clean energy, the demand for sustainable aluminium products is surging, and we are poised to play a pivotal role in this transition. On the occasion of World Environment Health Day, we are committed to a healthy environment for future generations.”