Bhubaneswar: ‘Satya ke Rang’, inter school drawing and painting competition and art exhibition ‘best out of waste’ were a remarkable event held at ABPS Bhubaneswar on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti of this year on Sunday.

The competition, which was themed upon the life of Mahatma Gandhi, aimed to promote creativity and pay tribute to the great leader. Additionally, an art exhibition featuring works created from waste materials was inaugurated as a part of this event.

The principal of the school L N Dash told that the theme of the competition is “Satya ke Rang” (Colors of Truth), was chosen to celebrate the life and principles of Mahatma Gandhi, emphasizing truth, non-violence, and simplicity and it will be continued every year.

The competition drew enthusiastic participation from students of various reputed schools across the city, showcasing their artistic talents and interpretations of Gandhi’s life.
A unique and eco-friendly addition to the event was the art exhibition featuring works created from waste materials. This exhibition served as a powerful statement about recycling, creativity, and environmental consciousness.
A panel of esteemed judges, including professional artists and educators, evaluated the entries based on creativity, technique, and how well they captured the essence of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and philosophy.
Later, the students and teachers involved in a cleanliness drive named “ek tareekh ek ghanta “ to pay tribute to the Gandhi’s ideology of cleanliness. The whole gatherings cleaned up the entire campus and the surroundings.

To conclude the ‘Satya ke Rang’ event on a vibrant note, a small cultural program was organized, featuring dance and music performances that reflected the rich cultural heritage of India.
During this heartfelt moment, Dash shared his thoughts with the audience. Thanking Dr S Ganguli, Advisor Education Aditya Birla Group,for his unwavering support,he stated, “Through the ‘Satya ke Rang’ competition and the unique art exhibition, we have witnessed the immense talent and commitment of the students. Let us continue to strive for truth, simplicity, and artistic excellence, just as Mahatma Gandhi did, and use our creative abilities to make the world a better place.” His words resonated with the spirit of the event and left everyone inspired to pursue their artistic endeavors with dedication and purpose.

The programme was well coordinated by N Sahu, admin officer, Abhishek Gupta and many other teachers.