Bhubaneswar: In the mining-rich Joda region, the Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) has been actively fostering transformation and inclusive growth. The story of Tulasi Lohar, an 18-year-old from Guali village in Joda block, exemplifies this commitment.
Tulasi, one of six siblings in a mining family, aspired to higher education and the prospect of a stable career. The family faced financial challenges, and skill education opportunities were scarce in their village, Guali. Undeterred, Tulasi convinced her father to enrol her in +2 Arts at Joda Women’s College.

An important moment arrived when Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) and NIIT launched a nearby skill development centre. Tulasi, recommended by the NIIT team, eagerly enrolled in English foundation and Basic IT courses. Despite a daily long trek to attend classes, Tulasi displayed unwavering dedication, mastering computer skills, MS Office, internet usage, data entry, bill payments, online ordering, and job interview preparation. She also gained confidence in English communication.
Tulasi’s commitment extended to inspiring others through the Change Maker Life skill sessions, promoting the importance of IT skills in surrounding communities.

An opportunity arose when a job vacancy for Gramma Panchayat Community Member (GPCM) emerged at the Aspire Company, an NGO partner of TSF. Despite ongoing studies, Tulasi applied with guidance from the centre team and secured the position through her interview success.
Tulasi, accompanied by her grateful father, visited the centre to express their appreciation to the Tata Steel Foundation and the NIIT Skill Development Centre.
Tulasi’s words reflect her gratitude: “I am thankful to the Tata Steel Foundation (TSF), the NIIT Skill Development Centre, and the team. They made my life better and gave me the power to do more.”

Tata Steel Foundation remains steadfast in its mission to empower individuals like Tulasi, contributing to the growth and prosperity of Joda’s communities.