Bhubaneswar: Vote, the newly released Odia film is a neatly made picture with a message during this election season. It is a story about a school teacher which become a victim of electoral politics.

Debutant director Debasish Mohapatra has brilliantly handled a crtical story by Ajay Mohapatra. The locations and natural settings make the story telling easier. Besides a promising director the film gives two actors to Odia film industry. Acting by Soumya Pradhan as Sangram and Sushant Routray as Biplap is praise worthy. Hara Ratha seems to be in the race to fill the valume created in the absense of Mihir Das and Minaketan. Shreya Mohanty’s freshness is infectious.

The presence of National School of Drama alumni Surya Mohanty makes all the difference.

On the flip side, apt editor Rabi Patnaik seems to have failed to run sharp scissor while going through the rashes. Music by Bikash Das perhaps failed to understand the demand of period and the rustic environment of the story. The back ground music is jarring and the sound recording not matching the scene and the pace of the story telling.

The final takeaway : Director Debasish, actors Soumya, Sushant, Hara and Shreya to make Odia film better in coming days.

By Arpita Bisoi