Bhubaneswar: Vedanta Aluminium, India’s largest producer of aluminium, recently organised AutoEdge 2024, an industry conclave for the automotive sector,in New Delhi. Aluminium, responsible for enabling several forms of modern transportation,has also established itself as a critical raw material for automotive manufacturing. The event featured expert-led sessions on the future roadmap of the sector and the role of aluminium in its transformation, and was an opportunity to identify new areas of collaboration. Top automakers and essential component manufacturers fromthe industry participated in the event.

Aluminium is a lightweight metal with properties such asa higher strength-to-weight ratio, excellent electrical conductivity,superior corrosion resistance and infinite recyclability. Theseproperties make it a natural choice for many applications within the fast-growing automotive sector, which is expected to contribute to nearly 15% of India’s GDP by FY31.On average, an internal combustion (IC) engine vehicle contains nearly 180 kgs of aluminium, whereas an electric vehicle contains nearly 260 kgs of aluminium today.

Commenting on the event, John Slaven, CEO, Vedanta Aluminium, said, “We offer our customers in the automotive industry an unmatched combination of advantages: global expertise, cutting-edge technology, customizedalloys, ease of doing business, a reliablesupply chain and most importantly, an unyielding commitment to sustainable business practices. Backed by innovative product development, technological sophistication and localisation, they represent an opportunity for Indian automotive players to compete at the same level as global companies.”

Gaurav Vats, Senior General Lead – Corporate Materials, Uno Minda, added, “Vedanta Aluminium offered rich insights into how the automotive sector is poised to evolve, and the several ways aluminium could help us derive maximum value from this transformation. Collaborative efforts always result in improved solutions, and so we look forward to our fruitful partnership with Vedanta Aluminium for unlocking enhanced innovation and business growth.”