Bhubaneswar : Raja is a beloved festival celebrated in Odisha, especially among the Odia community. FICCI FLO organized the three Raja celebration in advance at Hotel Lyfe, where all the FICCI FLO members and chairperson Rashmi Sahoo participated.

The festivities span three days, commencing with Pahili Raja, a day of joyful preparations and festivity beginnings. Women were welcomed by beautifully adorn at the event entrance with alta and Gajra.

The following day, known as Raja Sankranti or Mithuna Sankranti, holds paramount significance. Memories of this day, commenced with traditional slokas and mantras, followed by a captivating reel competition and a graceful ramp walk by the FLO members. Various engaging games organized by the FLO members, including rasgulla and puchka competition, skipping and hopping competition, and Kabadi or Tug of War, added to the Raja celebration.

Prizes distributed to winners on the concluding day.