Bhubaneswar: Odissi dance exponent Rajashri Praharaj Tuesday presented a dance drama Tyaga, here at Rabindra Mandap.

Tyaga was a deeply moving story about two women self-sacrificing and devoted. The twists and turns in their lives and the way they have dealt with extreme situations sends out a strong message to society and forces us to relook at our priorities. From them we learn the value of devotion and sacrifice. Lakhyaheera, forced into prostitution by tragic circumstances. Anasuya, a princess- beautiful and devout. By an accident of fate, the princess marries a characterless Leper. To appease the senseless sexual hunger of her husband, Anasuya is prepared to surrender her body to a dissolute king for one lakh diamonds. Lakhyaheera in keeping with her commitment, also prepares to make the unthinkable compromise of surrendering herself to the disgusting Leper’s lust. Finally both king and Leper are radically transformed by the nobility and devotion of two devoted women both capable of great sacrifice. Both capable of transforming lives.  An Odissi presentation inspired by the musical and theatrical elements of Odia Geetinatya, based on the moving tale of “Lakhyaheera” written by noted dramatist of Odisha,  Kartik Ghosh.

Choreographed by guru Ratikanta Mohapatra and led by Rajashree Praharaj, the  students of the Srjan presented the dance drama much to the delight of the audience. While script was written by Jaydev Das, the music was composed by Lakshmikant Palit and the light by Debiprasad Mishra.

Eminent Odissi dancer Dr Minati Mishra, film actress Anu Choudhury, director of Srjan guru Ratikanta Mohapatra graced the occasion. Dr. Srinibas Ghatuari compared the programme.