The state law minister, Pratap Jena, while replying to a question by BJP member Dilip Ray, told the Odisha Assembly that the last inventory was in 1978. According to him 128.310 kg gold ornaments and  221.530 kg silver ritual utensils were recorded at that time. However, 14 items of gold and silver could not be accounted for as those could not be weighed for some reason, he added.

The minister said all the items inside and outside the Ratna Bhandar(Treasure House) were listed between May 13 and July 23 in 1978.

He said since 1978, there was no stock taking exercise in the temple. So, he added, it is very difficult to say what would be the present value of the items that are stored in the Ratna Bhandar.

The minister, while replying to another question by BJD legislator Akash Das, said that the 60,418.353 acres land are in the name of Lord Jaganath.