Bhubaneswar: Chickens must be expressing their gratitude to the Delhi High Court. For, their misery would be addressed if the court order is implemented in the country.

The High Court has said that the chickens should be kept in bigger cages so they would be able to “move around comfortably”. While observing this, a division bench comprising of chief justice Rajendra Menon and justice VK Rao has directed the secretary of the union environment ministry to set up a committee to lay down guidelines on the breeding and transportation of poultry birds.

The Delhi High Court’s sensitivity towards the plights of the poultry birds has also overwhelmed the animal lovers in the country.

Currently, poultry birds in large numbers are kept in small enclosures. This makes their life miserable. Even though they are fed with nutritious food for their growth, they hardly find space to move around.

In their greed for making money, poultry owners often pack the cages with chickens which tantamount to animal cruelty. Similarly, poultry transporter overload their vehicles with chicken to reduce their transportation cost.