Bhubaneswar: The Utkal University Teachers’ Association (UUTA) secretary, Prof. Kunja Bihari Panda, Monday said that the outfit will make a forceful drive against anti-socials and outsiders residing inside the campus.

Panda said the university is increasingly becoming a safe haven for outsiders and antisocial elements. More often than not these outsiders are involved in alcoholism, ragging and violence in the campus. The regular activities of the university are hampered by the unrest peddled by these ruffians. It is high time that these people are shown their ways out of the campus.

‘If university authorities fail to address the current situation, we shall form a group and drive out all the outsiders residing illegally in the university hostels’, thundered Panda. 

Panda’s anger stemmed from the fact that the Association elections was disrupted by hooligans early this month. 

The UUTA general secretary blamed the university authority and the police for their inaction against the hooligans those involved in disrupting the election process of the Association . 

Panda said that the Association office bearer elections, scheduled to be held on December 11, could not be held as three youth barged into the nomination room and snatched away the nomination box minuted before the end of the schedule. The hooligans also threatened the returning officer and asked him to stop the election procedures, he added.

Panda complained  that the university administration did not forwarded the  Association complaint to the police. The police also failed to arrest the culprits, who are illegally staying in the campus hostel, even after an FIR was filed by the returning officer.
“We are determined to get these anti-social elements behind the bars” , asserted Panda.

The elections to the various office bearers could not be held on December 11 as three youths forcibly snatched away the nomination box minutes before the end of the nomination schedule. 

Panda, however,  said that the Association has decided to conduct the elections in January.