No truth in it. Dhal has neither resigned nor applied for VRS.”

Bhubaneswar: Senior IAS officer and State Agriculture Production Commissioner Gagan Dhal has not resigned from the service. Neither he has applied for the VRS.

Even though news is spreading like fire that Dhal, an IAS officer of 1985 batch, has resigned from service, India Whispers has concrete information that the news in not true.

High sources in the government confided with India Whispers that Dhal has neither resigned for applied for VRS.

Sources close to Dhal said that the news is based on speculations.

Media, specially web news portals and social media, is circulating the news that Dhal reportedly resigned from service protesting against the appointment of Asit Tripathy, who is junior in the rank to him, as the chief secretary.

The State government has appointed Tripathy as chief secretary on August 15. The next day, the government appointed Pradipta Mohapatra as the APC in place of Dhal.

Media has reported that peeved over the development, Dhal quit the job ahead of his retirement in January 2020.