Bhubaneswar: Odissi music vocalist Bijay Kumar Jena, Nrutyashala and Nrutayayan stole the sixth evening of the 25th OMC Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Award Festival 2019, here on Tuesday.

The evening opened with a special presentation by Odissi music by celebrated Odissi vocalist Bijay Kumar Jena. He was accompanied by Satchidananda Das on the Mardala, Srinibas Satpathy on the flute, Balakrushna Jena on the Harmonium, and Sitakanta Jena on the Manjira. Highlighting the nuances and various facets unique to Odissi music, Bijay’s recital began with a Prabandh in Raag Behag and Jati Taal, Prana dhana prana rakha dharuchi to paniki composed by eminent Odia poet Banamali. This was followed by another Prabandh in Raag Marwa and Ektaali, Barada Bidhure Ana composed by poet Benudhar. He presented a Janana, He Narayana written by Abhirama Paramahansa set to Raag Vajrakanti and Rupak Taal, in six beats. The Odissi vocalist concluded his session with a composition by Kavi Samrat Upendra Bhanja in Raag Bhairavi and Ektaali. Bijay Kumar Jena’s vast experience and versatile repertoire, highlighted by the able orchestra accompanying him, made for a harmonious and memorable musical opening.

Nrutyashala, led by Ashok Kumar Ghosal, presented the production Mun, the Immortal Devil. Based on the theme of pride, ego, and vanity of man, the presentation depicted well known mythological stories from three yugas before moving on to the present. In the Satya Yuga, Hiranyakshyap was killed by Narasimha, in the Treta Yuga, Ravana was defeated by Sri Rama, in the Dwapara Yuga, Kansa was crushed by Krishna and in the Kali Yuga, Mun, existing as a manifestation of the three afore mentioned evils is shown to be trounced only by Om. Thus, the presentation portrayed that in today’s world, each individual has a sense of ego and self-grandeur, and only the Almighty, Om can destroy it. Scripted by Nabakishore Mishra and set to the music composition of Himanshu Sekhar Swain, and the rhythm composition of Dhaneswar Swain and Ajay Kumar, the dance choreography for this presentation is by Ashok Kumar Ghosal. The dancers were praiseworthy in their stage presence and expressions.  


The evening came to close with Jagannath Gopinath by Durga Charan Ranbir’s Nrutyayan ensemble. In this choreograph, a parallel has been drawn between the earlier form of Lord Krishna in Dwapara Yuga, and the rituals of Lord Jagannath at Puri. This composition has its literary base in multiple ancient texts including the Skanda Purana, Bhagavata by Atibadi Jagannath Das, and the poetry of Goura Charan Adhikara and Banamali Das. Set to Raga Malika and Tala Malika, the script for this presentation has been written by Kedar Mishra, rhythm composition is by Dhaneswar Swain and the dance choreography is by Durga Charan Ranbir. The dancers presented this with good energy and crisp footwork, a befitting conclusion to the penultimate evening of the Award Festival.

Eminent novelist Pratibha Ray lighting the lamp

The sixth evening of the festival was inaugurated by Janapith Award winner Odia novelist Pratibha Ray. Eminent Mardala player Dhaneswar Swain and Srjan director Ratikant Mohapatra graced the occasion. The programme was compered by Dr. Srinivas Ghatuari.