Not Happy with Films Made on his Novels

Bhubaneswar : A literary work of art should influence the readers and not just entertain them, said noted Odia novelist Bibhuti Bhushan Patnaik at a monthly literary event called KLF Corner.

Discussing his journey of life and his evolvement as a popular love story novelist , he said “My creations have become popular because I write to influence and not to entertain the readers.”

His works influenced famous odia music director Akshaya Mohanty and he had worked with him to fine-tune lots of lyrics, he revealed during a conversation with Odia story writer Rajendra Roul.

Movies and Literature donot go hand in hand

Patnaik was a celebrated Odia writer for several decades. His several stories have been made as films. However, he was not satisfied with his novels being made as films.

His primary objection was movie scripts are flexible and doesn’t confirm to story line of plot. “That’s why movies based on my novels didn’t get public appreciation while novel was well read,” he said.

His novels were such a craze among readers that once an electrical engineer demanded Patnaik to visit his home in exchange for connecting his native village with electricity.

Patnaik has touched many lives through his literary creations and most of his stories are based on love. Even till date many college hostels in the state has copies of his novels. These novels have long been able capture emotions of youth since love is an important emotional aspect of life, he described.

“My stories are based on love since there is no life without love,”he said in the ninth edition of KLF Corner.

KLF Corner is an initiative of Kalinga Literary Festival, the biggest festival celebrating literature ,culture and arts held in the state every year.

The KLF Corner intends to popularise literary personalities and literature on regular basis in the state.