Bhubaneswar: Odisha is doing well in comparison to India and World in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Covid-19 Analysis :Odisha, a report prepared by Xavier University Bhubaneswar’s Centre of Excellency in Fiscal Policy & Taxation (CEFPT )has given a comparative data to establish the the State is ahead of national average in containing the spread of deadly virus.

As on 28th April, Odisha reported a total of 118 positive cases and out of that 38 have been recovered. Only one person has died out of Coronavirus by this time. During this period, India reported 29,834 positive cases, and out of that 7,028 recovered and 937 died in Coronavirus. The world figure is a staggering 29,24,722 and the death toll is 2,00,612 by 28th April,2020.

Given comparison, the Centre in its report has said that while the confirmed case ratio is 0.3, it’s as high as 3.5 at national level. While the recovered ratio in Odisha is 32.2, the national ratio is 23.6. Similarly, the fatality ratio in Odisha is as low as 0.8, while it’s 3.1 at national level and 6. 9 at global level.

The data analytical report has been prepared by the CEFPT of XUB’s Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, under the mentorship of Prof. Asit Mohanty.